Friday, March 30, 2012

-The End of Chapter 1-

It's the starting of Chapter 2 and it's the end of Chapter 1.
I'm excited though I'm a bit sad to leave this cozy environment with a group of sporting friends.
Really glad I know each and everyone of them, which leave me lots of happy memories during my tenure.
Thanks for everyone help and support that help and gave me courage for me to end the Chapter 1.

I'm definitely excited to join the new environment and definitely a good kick start for my Chapter 2.
More knowledge will be absorb and more things to learn, no matter it's big or small.
Different environment definitely as the job scope will be different and the surroundings will be different.
Located in the city center and stuck in more traffic jams !
Gotta depart early and leave late every day. Time for me to prepare.

I have 2 weeks holiday just to prepare myself for Chapter 2 in my life.
And there is another sub Chapter coming up, hopefully another 3 months. Then I have more things to accomplish !

Good Luck and All The Best everyone and myself =)


leewen said...

Good luck to u~ in the city center good ar, if not busy can meet up ;)

-jenna- said...

sure la... really hope to meet up with u guys oso.. =)